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    Garage Door Motor Repair

    Garage Door Motor Repair

    Do you experience half-open and half-closing garage doors?

    Is it also showing an indication of an obstructed system or a faulty motor?

    If that’s the case, you might need to replace your garage door motor.

    We have a team of professional garage door technicians at Charlotte openers who can repair and replace your garage door motor.

    Our experts can handle most garage door problems, and even if it’s difficult, our repairman will find a way to solve the issue.

    We guarantee you that our certified garage door maintenance specialists will do the job efficiently and correctly.

    On the other hand, we also offer garage door installation in Charlotte.

    You can call us at any time of the day from Monday to Friday, including Saturday and Sunday, without an extra fee.

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    What Is A Garage Door Motor?

    The garage door motor is an automatic system that turns the electric power into motion.

    The electric motor moves inside of it from the interactivity between electric current and magnetic field.

    This movement gives force in order for your garage door opener to function properly.

    The motors can be operated by interchanging the current from the direct flow from the batteries or at the power grid.

    Typically, garage door motors have a movable rotor, which operates the shaft.

    Additionally, it also has windings, a stator, bearings, and a commutator.

    Each component can show the effects of deterioration.

    The motors should provide enough energy in order to operate a bolt, screw, chain, jackshaft, or direct drive garage door opener.

    However, if any of the motor parts fails, your garage door will eventually malfunction and need repairs.

    Spotting Defects or Faulty Garage Door Motor

    A defective garage door motor can copy your remote control or garage door opener issues. Check below the different reasons for a damaged engine.


    One reason for a faulty garage door motor is experiencing wear and tear or a misaligned garage door motor.

    If that’s the case, you must call your trusted garage door motor maintenance specialist to solve the issue right away.

    The garage door won‘t open or close.

    If you can’t open or close your garage door, restart your door remote or reset the frequency.

    It should respond to your command after resetting the remote.

    However, if the garage door is still not opening or closing, you should ask for professional advice from your trusted garage door technician.

    If the garage door maintenance specialist doesn’t find anything wrong with your garage door opener, the problem lies with your motor.

    If it does, you should change the motor with a new one.

    Noisy Motor

    If you can hear a noise or unusual sounds from your typical quieter garage door opener, it may cause your faulty motor.

    If the creaking, squeaking or clunking sound becomes louder whenever you function your garage door, you should call a garage door motor technician.

    Unresponsive Garage Door

    Garage doors are made to move at a certain speed to guarantee the operator’s safety and prevent any damage.

    However, if you observe that your garage door motor begins to slow, it indicates many things.

    If your garage door starts to move slowly or only half-closing or half-opening, the garage door motor is not giving enough energy to balance the garage door’s weight.

    A Less Reliable Door Opener

    An underpowered garage door motor or an old unit may cause the garage door opener to overheat.

    In this kind of scenario, your garage door may start to function intermittently.

    It means that you should wait a little longer for your garage door to work.

    But, this situation hurts your daily schedule, so you should call a technician immediately to fix the problem.

    Your Garage Door Motor Is Failing Faster

    Outdated garage door motors or even old types of models may not be compatible with the functioning your new garage door.

    So, you need to replace your old motors to provide a reliable and efficient working system.

    Additionally, contemporary garage door motors are a lot quieter and have a better safety and security system.


    If you need a reliable garage door motor repair in Charlotte, you can call us at any time.

    Our garage door maintenance specialist will fix your garage door motor issue promptly and accurately.

    Call us now!

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