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    Garage Door Automatic Opener Repair

    Garage Door Automatic Opener Repair

    A properly working garage door opener helps you to conveniently open and close your garage door.

    With this equipment, you won’t need to step out of your car and manually lift your door.

    Instead, you only have to press your remote, and your automatic opener will operate your garage door.

    In the event that your garage door opener fails, you have no other choice but to manually use your garage door.

    We understand what a burden this is.

    That’s why at Charlotte Openers, we offer proper garage door automatic opener repair.

    No matter where you live in Charlotte, our qualified technicians are available to resolve your garage door problems.

    We guarantee you that we will satisfy your needs in a timely manner.

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    Common Garage Door Opener Problems

    A faulty garage door opener is a major inconvenience.

    You could get stuck inside your garage or locked out of it.

    Hence, you should identify the issue and resolve it right away.

    Below are the common opener problems that garage owners face.

    • The garage door does not move with the remote or wall switch.
    • The remote or wall switch cannot operate the opener.
    • Your garage door doesn’t open or close entirely.
    • The door goes back up before or immediately after hitting the floor.
    • The door opener motor doesn’t stop running.

    Sources of Garage Door Opener Problems

    A garage door opener is one component of your garage door that consists of many parts.

    Because of this, non-experts find it hard to identify the source of why their garage door operator is malfunctioning.

    Even though you’ve identified the issue, you still need to find the source to determine how to effectively fix it.

    Here are some reasons why you’re experiencing problems using the opener of the garage door.

    • Electrical wiring issues
    • Dead remote batteries
    • Weak remote signal strength
    • Incorrect limit switch settings
    • Damaged, misaligned, and unclean safety reverse sensors

    If you find it hard to find the source, you should ask for help from a professional technician.

    Garage Door Opener Repair

    When our team arrives at your place, we will immediately begin fixing your garage door.

    We always start our garage door automatic opener repair by assessing the device.

    This crucial inspection of your garage door opener allows our technician to correctly pinpoint the source of your problem. From there, we will provide you with a practical and cost-effective solution that best fixes your device.

    Since we have professional-grade tools, troubleshooting any garage door opener issue will never be a problem.

    You can trust that we will fix your garage door opener within the hour.

    High-Quality Garage Door Opener Replacement

    In case repairing your garage door opener does not fix the issue, our technicians will try to replace the parts instead.

    This will work to your benefit because you won’t have to change the entire unit.

    However, if this method is not viable and impractical, we will just replace your door opener.

    Replacement of your Garage door’s opener is ideal, especially if your unit is old.

    If your automatic opener has been discontinued, our technicians will find it difficult to look for replacement parts.

    Hence, you also need to replace to a new garage door opener for that.

    Trained and Professional Team

    Our technicians here at Charlotte Openers are licensed and trained to conduct full garage door check-up and repairs.

    We specialize in garage door automatic opener repair, replacement, and installation.

    Our technicians have been in the business of performing professional garage door repair.

    Our many years of experience have taught us to deal with various kinds of garage door openers.

    Thus, you can rely on us for help regardless of the brand of your garage door and opener.

    Prompt and Reliable 24-hour Service

    Charlotte Openers strive to always arrive on time, especially for urgent matters.

    We are always prepared for any task.

    Whether you need an automatic opener repair or a garage door spring replacement, our team has the right tools to do the job.

    All you have to do is book with us, and we’ll handle the rest.

    Call Charlotte Openers for same-day garage door repair in Charlotte.

    Our technicians will be happy to provide you with your garage door needs.

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