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    Commercial Garage Door Repair

    Garage doors are inevitable to have operational issues.

    Frequent use without routine maintenance can lead to damages or worse accidents.

    Banging, jamming of doors, off-track issues, cable and spring troubles are a few examples that cause delay and inconvenience.

    It is ideal to have a garage door maintenance service to check and assess all garage door parts.

    With this, we will be able to focus on the parts that need an immediate response.

    Of course, partnering with a trusted repair company can do the trick and even help us in a lot of ways.

    Charlotte Openers offers high-quality garage door services that are second to none.

    Call our team and we will help you deal with any garage door issue.

    Reasons For Having A Routine Maintenance

    Garage door issues can happen anytime.

    Moreover, possible threats to life and property might happen.

    Thus, a broken garage door will delay transactions and can cost more on repair.

    For these reasons, it is ideal to keep it checked and well-maintained.

    Here are the reasons why having routine maintenance is a good move:

    Excessive Rust, Wear and Tear 

    Rust, wear and tear can cause our doors to function poorly even when it is in a good condition.

    Why? These visual issues can make the rollers or other door parts restricted to move.

    Removal of such issues during the maintenance will be a great help.

    Repair Cost

    A well-maintained garage door will not be having a series of garage door repairs and services.

    Meaning, we can avoid excessive repair costs whenever our doors fail to function.

    We can only remove or replace those damaged parts and avoid spending too much on the repair process.

    Easy and Convenient 

    A conditioned garage door will function right without causing delays.

    With this, it will be easier to use the garage doors as well as convenient for daily use.

    Partnering with a reliable team that can do maintenance and repair is the best move we can do.

    Gap Issues Will No Longer Happen 

    Unmaintained garage doors are subject to gaps on the ground.

    By having routine maintenance, we can have a stress-free life and a well-working door.

    Charlotte – Maintenance Checklist and Tips

    DIY repairs are a few things that we owners should know or possess.

    Knowing this, we can do the maintenance service ourselves.

    As owners, we have to make a garage door maintenance checklist to assess all parts involved in the door.

    Here’s a maintenance checklist guide and tips that can be of great help:

    Lubrication of the Parts

    Garage door parts, especially the moving ones need regular lubrication service.

    Frequent lubrication can minimize the extent of damage an unmaintained one can do.

    Make sure to apply and use lubricant oil in doing so.

    Ensure to apply the right amount of oil and avoid spreading the lubricant along other parts.

    To avoid functional issues, lubricate the doors and keep it clean for a long time.

    Check the Overall Condition of the Doors

    We need to be keen in observing the condition of our doors.

    By doing so, we can replace those damaged parts immediately.

    One tip, small or subtle changes on the function of our doors means that it needs a maintenance service.

    Check the Seals and Rubber on the Opener

    Garage door seals to prevent unwanted or unnecessary elements from entering the garage.

    Visual damages like bents, cracks or torn parts need an immediate response.

    Replacing these parts is the best option we can have.

    Replacing garage door seals might be hard for a normal person to do.

    Therefore, contacting a professional is an ideal thing to do.

    Visual Inspection

    As owners, it is in our best interest to keep the condition of our garage door in good shape.

    We need to check the cables, springs, tracks and other parts.

    Also, we can inspect or assess the condition of other garage door parts and accessories.

    By doing so, we can avoid delays and inconvenience.

    Excessive damages on the doors are best left for a professional to do.

    Garage Door Maintenance Service by Charlotte Openers

    The above-mentioned garage door maintenance checklist is a few things that we need to do as owners.

    In this regard, we can expect a working garage door that is free from major drawbacks and function issues.

    Moreover, we can avoid excessive repair costs as well as the installation.

    Need professional help? Charlotte Openers are available around the clock, seven days a week.

    Garage door repair in Charlotte is one of the services that we can offer.

    Also, garage door installation in Charlotte is one of the most demanded services.

    We have trained professionals and experts that can deal with any garage door part issues.

    Make sure to give us a call whenever the doors are acting up.

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