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    Garage Door Automatic Opener Repair

    Emergencies always call for urgency and attention.

    The same happens when you have a garage door.

    What are you supposed to do in case you are locked out and there’s a problem inside the garage?

    There has to be a default way in which you can access your garage.

    Before you call for help from professionals, there are some ways you can try to open the garage.

    Luckily, garage doors are equipped with methods to turn things more manually and separate from motor devices.

    Hence, you can handle the situation without inflicting damage to other parts of the mechanism.

    Afterward, that’s when you call us, Charlotte Openers for an emergency repair.

    Don’t worry; we are not strangers to midnight calls and early morning urgencies.

    If you want somebody to give you an urgent garage door repair in Charlotte, we are the team for you.

    All you need to do is phone us and we will be with you right away.

    Nevertheless, prepare your garage door first so you can access it from the outside.

    There are two ways on how to open garage door manually from outside.

    Apply the fastest one that gets you access to your garage space without giving damage or more severe issues later on.

    Method 1: Emergency Release Kit

    All garage doors have an emergency release.

    The emergency release kit should be present anywhere in the panels from outside.

    This kit is specifically for lockout cases where you can’t go inside your garage opening the door sectionals along the tracks.

    Let this be the first method on how to open garage door manually from outside.

    Step 1: Locate the emergency release kit

    Scan the entire front of the garage door panels.

    Many garages have an additional emergency release kit installed in one of the panels.

    It’s usually on the top-most center panel of the entire door slab.

    Step 2: Pull the lock tumbler

    Key in the lock of the emergency release kit.

    When you do this, you can remove the lock tumbler which gives access to a cord.

    Remove the lock tumbler from out of its place in the panel.

    Step 3: Pull the emergency release cord

    Now you have the emergency release cord that disengages the opener from the door panel.

    Pull this cord from the inside.

    Make sure the carriage disengages from the release cord so that the door panels aren’t held on the opener.

    Step 4: Open the garage manually

    It’s finally time.

    You can open the garage manually from the outside.

    Lift the sectional panels along the track with enough support.

    Step 5: Return the emergency release kit

    You now have an open garage.

    Don’t forget to return the emergency release kit to its proper position.

    This way, you can access the garage again in a manual way.

    Method 2: Hooking out the emergency release cord

    Sometimes, you may not have the emergency release kit in the panels.

    It’s okay, don’t panic as there is another way to open the garage door manually when you’re outside.

    Though it may take more time and effort, it can assure you of an open garage.

    Get ready to be creative in this way of opening the garage.

    Step 1: Find materials for hook

    This is the time for you to be creative.

    Find any wire material that’s flexible and strong.

    Some examples are wire hangers, wall hooks with makeshift handles, etc.

    Step 2: Form a long-handled hook wire

    If you have a flexible wire, form it into a hook.

    Make sure that it’s long enough to reach the inside.

    Keep the makeshift hook strong for a pull.

    Step 3: Find the emergency release cord

    Find a slat or sectional within the door slab which you can remove.

    You will use this space to find the emergency release cord inside the garage.

    Find a red tag or any cord that disengages the opener from the panel and pull it out altogether.

    Step 4: Open the garage manually

    Now you can open the garage.

    Lift the door panels carefully.

    Remember, you may need to give more force as there is no opener to help pull up the door sectionals.

    Step 5: Return the panel and emergency release cord

    Don’t forget to return everything to its position.

    As you close the garage, reattach the emergency release cord.

    Close the garage again.

    Call Charlotte Openers to help you access your garage properly

    Call us if you have trouble opening your garage door manually.

    We are present in Charlotte for these kinds of emergencies.

    We are Charlotte Openers, and we offer our work in town.

    Our services cover garage door repair in Charlotte and garage door installation in Charlotte.

    We are available at any time.

    Set a date with our team!

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