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    Why is there a gap on one side of my garage door

    Owning a home means addressing all sorts of maintenance concerns. One such issue that homeowners sometimes face is a gap appearing on one side of their garage door. While this may seem like a trivial problem, a gap can compromise the door’s efficiency, security, and aesthetic appeal. Let’s dive deep into the reasons for such gaps and their remedies.

    The Underlying Causes

    There are several reasons why a gap might form on one side of your garage door. Here’s a detailed table to give you an idea:

    Potential CauseExplanation
    Track MisalignmentThe tracks on which the door moves may have been misaligned, causing a lean.
    Worn-out SpringsOver time, springs may wear out, resulting in an imbalance when the door closes.
    Damaged RollersWorn or damaged rollers can prevent the door from closing flush.
    Door WarpingMoisture or other external factors may cause the door material to warp.
    Uneven FloorThe garage floor itself might not be level.
    Loose HardwareOver time, brackets, hinges, or screws may loosen.
    Weather-stripping DamageDamaged or deteriorated weather stripping might not seal the door properly.

    Understanding the root cause is the first step in addressing the issue. So, now that we know the potential causes, how do we go about fixing them?

    How to Address the Issue

    Fortunately, many of these issues are straightforward to address with a bit of guidance:

    • Track Misalignment: This might require professional help. Ensure the tracks are realigned correctly. You can read more about this on our guide about how to adjust garage door tracks.
    • Worn-out Springs: Consider garage door spring repair or replacement.
    • Damaged Rollers: Replace any damaged rollers or consider reaching out for garage door maintenance.
    • Door Warping: This could be a bit more complex, sometimes requiring door replacement.
    • Uneven Floor: You might need to consult with a contractor or garage door professional.
    • Loose Hardware: Tighten any loose screws, brackets, or hinges.
    • Weather-stripping Damage: Replace the weather stripping. If you’re unsure, seek advice from professionals who can guide you.

    Why Choose Us?

    At Charlotte Openers, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive garage door solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Here’s why you should opt for our services:

    1. Experienced Team: Our experts are trained and ready to address all garage door challenges.
    2. Fast Response: Need an emergency garage door repair? We’re just a call away.
    3. Affordable Services: We offer affordable garage door repair in Charlotte.
    4. Latest Techniques: We stay updated with the latest techniques and tools in the industry.

    Service Areas

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is my garage door making noise?

    A noisy garage door can be due to worn-out rollers, loose hardware, or a need for lubrication. You can learn more about this at garage door making noise.

    How often should I maintain my garage door?

    It’s good practice to inspect and maintain your garage door at least twice a year. Consider our garage door maintenance checklist for guidance.

    What if my garage door won’t close?

    Several reasons might cause this issue, from sensor misalignment to track obstructions. Find solutions at garage door won’t close.

    Can I repair the garage door by myself?

    While minor fixes like tightening screws can be DIY, complex tasks such as spring replacement are best left to professionals due to safety concerns.


    In summary, while a gap in your garage door may seem minor, it’s essential to address it promptly to ensure the door’s optimal functioning. Whether it’s track misalignment, worn-out springs, or damaged rollers, understanding the underlying cause is key. For all your garage door concerns and needs, contact us at Charlotte Openers. We’re here to help!

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