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    A malfunctioning garage door will never live up to our expectations nor will it function efficiently.

    Basically, garage doors will function right if all parts are functioning right.

    One small issue on a certain part can change how these doors move.

    Thus, it can delay plans and even cause serious damages to the door itself.

    Garage door rollers are one of the most used and important parts of the garage door.

    These parts enable the door to move up and down without delay.

    Moreover, it glides along a clean track for a smooth function.

    As owners, we want to prevent situations like garage door rollers getting stuck or jammed.

    The question is, “Who to call? What will we do?”

    Luckily, Charlotte Openers offers services that can help owners deal with any garage door issues.

    Garage door repair in Charlotte is a service that is second to none.

    We have experts that can deal with any garage door issues around the clock – seven days a week.

    Whether you have a broken roller or not, call our team and we will be at your service ASAP.

    Reasons Why Garage Door Rollers Get Stuck

    Garage door rollers  are a crucial part of a door system.

    Yet, we only notice it when we experience getting stuck inside the garage.

    Rollers work in tandem to help the openers glide smoothly along the track.

    A single faulty roller can risk the balance within the system and even cause damages.

    As owners, we need to know the reasons behind this issue.

    Of course, seeking professional help can do the trick in avoiding function problems.

    As mentioned above, the rollers of the garage door seldom fail.

    So, what are the reasons behind this failure?

    Worn Garage Door Roller Wheel

    Worn-out rollers are very dangerous.

    We might risk our property as well as our lives when things get out of hand.

    Truly, these rollers function well under regular maintenance.

    It fails when it exceeds its years of service.

    When rollers fail, it is best to deal with it immediately.

    Calling a certified technician can help in solving the problem regarding these rollers.

    Bent Garage Door Rollers

    Frequent use of garage door rollers can make these parts inevitable to damages and bents.

    Thus, it is important to clean the tracks and avoid dirt from building up.

    Excessive bents and cracks mean that it needs a replacement.

    Rollers Fail to Spin Freely on the Shaft

    Rollers fail to move when the rollers are defective.

    Replace these rollers when you notice subtle changes on how it works.

    Moreover, letting a professional deal with the problem is the best solution.

    Excessive Vibration

    Excessive vibrations during opening and closing mean serious roller issues.

    Let a technician check and replace those rollers.

    Types of Garage Door Roller

    A garage door roller has various types.

    It may be a nylon, plastic, or steel roller.

    Yet, its quality and longevity vary on how well we take care of them.

    Here is the list of the types of rollers:

    Nylon Garage Door Rollers

    It has double-sealed ball bearings that enable it to move freely without restraint.

    It functions as a skateboard wheel and can last longer because of the bearings.

    Plastic Garage Door Rollers

    Plastic rollers have no ball bearings. Basically, it can last for about 2-3 years. A

    After such time, consider changing your rollers into new ones.

    Steel Garage Door Rollers

    Steel roller is the most reliable roller material in terms of sturdiness.

    Moreover, it can have a ball-bearing system or not.

    Yet, it creates a lot of noise compared to nylon garage door rollers.

    High Quality, Reliable Garage Door Roller Replacement Services

    Garage door rollers rarely cause an issue.

    When it does, it can be stressful and handy.

    Teaming up with the right people can change how these rollers work.

    We have high-quality garage door rollers that can improve how it functions.

    Also, we have various roller designs and models that you can choose from.

    Thus, we offer same-day and weekend services to accommodate all roller issues.

    Moreover, we have labor and part warranties to help you with other garage door problems.

    We check and value other garage door parts and accessories.

    Now, garage door roller replacement is no longer an issue.

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