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    Have you ever wondered why the doors fail to function?

    Does it stop midway or get jammed?

    Does it produce loud noises?

    Then, the springs are in real trouble.

    Garage door springs are subject to various external forces.

    It helps the doors in resisting and carrying the loads.

    One small issue on these parts can change how the garage door functions.

    Technically, a well-working garage door can only function right if all parts are functioning right.

    Thus, a regular inspection and maintenance can do this trick.

    So, scheduling a garage door maintenance and inspection can be very beneficial.

    Charlotte Openers offers garage door spring services that are second to none.

    Call our team now and we will be happy to offer our helping hand.

    Safety Precautions To Consider

    Dealing with any kind of repair and replacements need attention to safety.

    Garage door spring repair can be handy and a difficult task for a normal person to do.

    Springs are continuously subjected to various forces.

    Thus, it also supports the door and the cables whenever we use the garage.

    Meaning, repairing spring issues need utmost concentration and skills.

    We have to use the right tools and equipment in doing so.

    First, use a well-built ladder and level it properly on the floor.

    Second, wear gloves and safety glasses before doing any repair work.

    Moreover, it is ideal to have a reliable assistant whenever we have spring repair work or installation.

    Charlotte – Extension Spring Service and Guide

    As an owner, it is ideal to keep ourselves knowledgeable on garage door spring repair .

    With this, we will be able to fix simple things and replace those parts that need an immediate response.

    Springs have two types, the extension and torsion springs.

    Extension springs are small or thin springs that are in parallel with the floor.

    These thin springs are long and it can store energy to help the door during the bending.

    Before the spring break, we have to know some garage door spring repairs to troubleshoot simple spring issues.

    Here’s a little guide for anyone to follow:

    • Remove all tension springs from the opener.
      Ensure that the removed parts are in a safe location for retrieval.
    • Separate or detach the extension springs from the drum and spring pulley.
    • Use a safety cable to secure the springs in the right position.
    • Detach the old spring with the new extension spring material.
      Remember to use the same model or type of springs used.
    • Remove the safety cable from the springs.
      Make sure to detach it in front of the spring pulley.
    • Connect all necessary spring parts and test the garage door.

    Charlotte – Torsion Spring Service and Guide

    Torsion springs are heavier than the extension springs. It varies in size, strength and weight.

    We can find these springs within the metal shaft enclosed in the aluminum drum.

    Repairing and replacing these certain parts need an ample amount of time and skills.

    Garage door torsion spring repair is a hard job to do.

    Seeking professional help will always be the best option we can have.

    Here’s a quick guide on how to deal with a torsion spring issue:

    • Shut the power of the door and use clamps to prevent the door from moving.
    • Use a safety ladder  to reach the location of the aluminum drum.
    • Place a winding bar on the winding cone to avoid sudden door movements.
    • Place or insert a new winding bar after the insertion of the first one.
    • Be sure to remove the first winding before placing the second one.
    • Repeat the process to unwind the torsion springs inside the drum.
    • Separate the springs, aluminum drum and the metal shaft carefully.
    • Make sure to use the same spring type and model.
    • Also, remember the number of windings used during the process.
    • Install the new spring material and ensure that the aluminum drum is also installed.
    • Check the placement of these springs.
      Thus, ensure that these springs are subject to equal forces.
    • Wind the springs back.
      Use a hammer and tap bar to check the springs.
    • Inspect the newly installed spring by lifting.
      No changes? Then, the doors are ready to use.

    High Quality Garage Door Spring Service

    Exposure of garage door springs to various forces can somehow cause it to fail.

    With this, the springs might cause accidents and delays.

    Normally, a spring can last longer depending on its number or cycles.

    Therefore, using the right spring material is detrimental to the performance of the garage door.

    Charlotte Openers offer spring services which guarantee high-quality work.

    We have trained individuals who can help from the selection up to the installation.

    Whether the springs break or not, call our team and have routine maintenance.

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