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    Commercial establishments rely on garage doors to keep their goods safe and secure.

    In this regard, business owners install garage doors because of three reasons.

    They are namely for security, visual satisfaction and for ventilation purposes.

    A well-working garage door will satisfy its purpose for installation.

    Thus, a well-working commercial door will prevent unwanted people from breaking in.

    Moreover, it is ideal to keep everything checked and in good shape.

    Yet, we are not excuse from experiencing commercial garage door issues.

    So, scheduling a routine or preventive maintenance can do the trick.

    Charlotte Openers offer commercial garage door services that are comparable to no one.

    We have trained individuals that can deal with any garage door issues in a short period of time.

    Furthermore, we never fail to offer quality services.

    Call our customer service and we will be at your service anytime.

    How Often Should We Have Preventive Maintenance?

    Commercial garage doors rarely fail.

    When they do, it can be stressful and time consuming.

    Partnering with a great team will be the best option we can have.

    Routine or preventive maintenance is no easy job.

    One must have the right tools and knowledge on repairs and installations.

    Yes, we need to schedule regular maintenance.

    The question is, “how often should we have preventive maintenance?”

    To answer this question, we can seek advice from our trusted professional.

    We can do monthly, quarterly or yearly depending on the needs of our garages.

    As an owner, we can also do assessment ourselves.

    We need to have a commercial garage door preventive maintenance checklist to make things easier.

    Check the list below and consider having an expert deal with the issue when things are worse.

    • Excessive bents, cracks, dents, rust, wear and tear
    • Function issues : Opening and closing of garage door openers
    • Banging or loud noises during opening
    • Shaking or vibrations during opening and vice-versa
    • Off-track issues

    Reasons Why We Need A Routine Maintenance

    Of course, there are several reasons why we need routine maintenance.

    One of which is excessive weather changes that affects the capacity of the door to hold or move.

    Second, is the door’s age. Garage doors with over five years of service are inevitable to various door issues.

    In this regard, we expect to have door troubles and experience delays.

    Or worse, we might end up spending too much on repair and installation.

    Also, human negligence to the needs of the doors is detrimental to the ability of the door to function.

    For many years in the field, we come up with various services and tips on how to deal with a garage door issue.

    Garage Door Spring Issues

    Springs are one of the most essential parts of a garage door.

    One small issue on this part can change how the doors function.

    Moreover, having spring issues can be troublesome and dangerous.

    That is why garage door spring issues are best left for an expert to check and repair.

    Garage door repair in Charlotte will make sure that everything will be back on track.

    We can observe how the experts deal with it and do spring repair if we are knowledgeable enough to do so.

    Garage Door Cable Troubles

    Due to constant use, garage door cables will eventually have function issues.

    Overlooking a damaged cable can be dangerous.

    Inspection and preventive maintenance can help in avoiding such situations.

    Commercial garage door cable repair can be time-consuming.

    It will be difficult for those with limited knowledge on the repair and installation.

    It is ideal to have a professional to deal with it.

    This way, we can avoid further damage to the door itself.

    Damaged Panels and Off-Track Issues

    Too much pressure exerted on the panels and tracks may lead it to fail.

    Excessive dents and cracks are also indications that these parts are in need of a quick response.

    Off-track issues are sometimes the reason why the doors get jammed or fail to open or close.

    It is best to clean it regularly to avoid embarrassing scenarios.

    Especially on important events, garage doors need to function well.

    Moreover, track and panel issues are very dangerous.

    The door might fall-off which might cause serious damages.

    Seeking professional help will always be the best option we can do.

    Calling someone who has the knowledge on repair is very beneficial.

    Charlotte Commercial Garage Door Services

    Charlotte Openers has been in the field of repair for years now.

    We have developed skills and techniques on how to deal with various garage door issues.

    Garage door installation in Charlotte is also one thing that we can offer.

    We can help you from choosing the right materials up to the installation.

    Call our customer service team and we will help you with the problem.

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