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    The best upgrade you can make for your garage is choosing a new garage door.

    If you want to elevate and give a highlight to your property, one way you can do this is by choosing an appealing curb visual.

    A new door is eye-catching, especially if you want to increase curb appeal.

    Nevertheless, the upgrade starts with this single concern: which door is the best for my garage?

    There are hundreds of models of doors available in the market.

    One web search and you will get thousands of results indicating beautiful doors in Charlotte.

    If you want to lessen your anxiety in choosing a new garage door, professional recommendations are always helpful.

    We are Charlotte Openers, and we offer garage door installation in Charlotte.

    Our team has given various installations, working with many property owners.

    We are experts who want to help you choose the right doors for your property.

    There may be many doors from different high-quality brands in the industry; we believe there is a garage door for every garage owner.

    Let’s work together to find the perfect door that leads to your property.

    Garage size and build

    Everything starts with the property structure and foundation.

    Before you choose the door for your garage, it’s best to check the garage itself first!

    The type of door you choose depends on the garage you have.

    It would be best if you considered the following aspects to avoid choosing the wrong door.

    • Size
    • Shape
    • Headroom space
    • Door frame size
    • Other structural concerns

    Depending on the size of the garage, you can opt for single doors or double doors.

    Types of garage doors

    Next, you can decide the type of doors for your garage installation.

    The different types indicate different mechanisms and functionality in the garage.

    Select the best door operation and movement based on your garage measurements.

    For example, as much as you want sectional panels, do you have enough headroom space for the overhead tracks?

    If one type of door doesn’t work, there are various types of doors for you to choose from.

    • Sectional doors
    • Rolling doors
    • Side-sliding doors
    • Hinged doors
    • Tilt-up doors
    • Commercial overhead steel doors

    Materials for the door panel

    After choosing the type of door you want, it’s time to select the material.

    For most selections, you can mix and match, and customize the material.

    In some cases, you can’t change and modify the type and material in the model.

    For instance, commercial steel rolling doors always need to have the standard grade of steel for its mechanism and commercial use.

    At this point, you can go with the theme of your property and choose the material that best reflects the garage.

    • Steel doors
    • Fiberglass doors
    • Wooden panels
    • Aluminum panels
    • Glass panels
    • Vinyl material

    Door parts and hardware

    Now it’s time to choose and modify the additional items.

    Do you want your door panels to have a sectional window panel?

    Many doors have glass windows in some sectional panels that provide a view of the outdoors.

    What kind and material of hardware looks best with your door material?

    You can choose among the following:

    • Gold hardware
    • Silver hardware
    • Copper hardware
    • Decorative hardware

    Door insulation

    If you are on your way to upgrade into a more energy-efficient lifestyle, insulation is necessary.

    Consult with professionals in choosing a new garage door with the best insulation material.

    Various insulation materials are available as additional customization to your doors.

    • Polyurethane
    • Polystyrene
    • Fiberglass insulators
    • DIY insulation kits

    When you choose the insulated garage doors, choose insulated doors with a higher R-value.

    Work with our team so you can choose the material, mechanism, and insulation that saves your home the most energy consumption.

    Seek professional service from Charlotte Openers for your brand new doors

    We are Charlotte Openers, and we offer you our garage door installation in Charlotte.

    We know how exciting and overwhelming it is choosing a new garage door.

    Don’t worry about that!

    Our team has professional experience in helping owners select the best doors and giving long-lasting installations.

    We take pride in being reliable service providers and professionals with unparalleled experience in our services.

    We don’t only offer installations; we provide garage door repair in Charlotte as well.

    Let’s work together in building and maintain the garage doors on your property.

    Set an appointment with our team!

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